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Repairing Car Damage

After I got back from my study abroad program, I could tell that my younger sister hadn't heeded my request to "drive safely." Instead, it looked like she had done some severe off-roading in my car, which was really frustrating. My car was all banged up, and I knew that I needed a little help to get things back into working order. I started researching different automotive businesses in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt comfortable working with. They took my car, talked with me about how I wanted it to look, and got to work. This blog is all about repairing car damage.

Pick Up Some Extra Cash By Transforming Your Pickup Truck Into A Moneymaking Vehicle

A pickup truck can be a fun car to drive, but it can also be one that can generate you some extra cash, in the form of side job income. If you are someone who is not averse to doing manual labor, then having a pickup truck can be a real asset. All you have to do is get some aftermarket add-ons, and you can take your regular truck, and turn it into one that is a real moneymaking vehicle. The add-ons will allow you to hire yourself out, along with your truck, and make money year-round. Here are a few truck equipment items and parts that you might consider adding to your vehicle.


If you really want to make some money, then you need to look into the truck equipment catalog, and get a winch. This will let you hire yourself out to clear peoples' properties. For instance, if someone has fallen trees or heavy debris, you can use your truck's winch to haul it out of a tight spot, where you can't drive in. You just attach the winch, and then retract it. Then, you can take the debris, load it into your pickup bed, and haul it away. If you do end up cleaning fallen trees, make sure you get a chainsaw, and cut the fallen trees to log lengths. You can then make even more money, by selling firewood.

Spray On Truck Bed Liner

You never want to put garbage, dirt, concrete, or any sort of construction debris into the bed of your pickup truck, unless it's protected. An unprotected truck bed is a problem, because it will get rusty and eventually rot out. There are regular liners that you can use, but these are not the ideal choice, because they can get water trapped underneath. This will lead to rust, as well. The spray on liners prevent any water or dirt from seeping in and damaging your truck bed.

Plow Attachment

During the winter, a plow attachment for your pickup truck is a fantastic way to make money. You can use these to really rake in the cash. Get one that is operated remotely (as opposed to those that need to be manually adjusted) so that you can sit in the warmth of your truck cab and move the plow up and down. That way, you never have to get out in the cold and freeze your hands.

By adding these truck equipment and parts to your pickup, you can make some quick cash helping people year-round.