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Repairing Car Damage

After I got back from my study abroad program, I could tell that my younger sister hadn't heeded my request to "drive safely." Instead, it looked like she had done some severe off-roading in my car, which was really frustrating. My car was all banged up, and I knew that I needed a little help to get things back into working order. I started researching different automotive businesses in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt comfortable working with. They took my car, talked with me about how I wanted it to look, and got to work. This blog is all about repairing car damage.

Tips For Maintaining Your Cruising Motorcycle During The Winter Months

Owning a cruising motorcycle is a dream that many people have. If you have invested your hard earned money in purchasing a cruising motorcycle, you're sure to want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible, which requires regular maintenance. A cruising motorcycle needs maintenance throughout the year, but you will have to give your bike some extra attention during the winter months when the temperatures are frigid. Knowing how to care for your cruising motorcycle during the winter will extend its lifespan and help prevent it needing repairs. Use the following tips to help you maintain your cruising motorcycle during the winter:

Keep Tabs on Your Bike's Battery

Before the winter arrives, take the time to inspect your motorcycle's battery and ensure that the terminals are clean. You may also want to get a battery monitor so you can be alerted if the battery is losing charge—the last thing that you want is to discover that your motorcycle has a dead battery as you're preparing to ride it. A battery can lose its charge if a bike sits for an extended period of time, so either make sure that you start up your bike and take it for a ride on a regular basis, or plug the battery into a charger.

Use a Gas Preservative

When the weather is good, many people who own a cruising motorcycle ride it on a regular basis. However, during the winter months the roads can be icy and slick, so it is not uncommon for bikes not to be ridden as often. If you do not ride your cruising motorcycle very often in the winter due to bad weather, make sure that you add a gas preservative to your motorcycle's gas tank. Doing so will help prevent the gas from separating and degrading.

Schedule an Oil Change

Prior to winter arriving, you should get the oil and oil filter in your motorcycle changed. It is important to do this to help ensure that the oil in your bike is fresh and free of contaminants during the winter months. If you decide to ride your motorcycle during the winter, plan on having the oil changed more frequently since it is more difficult for the engine to heat up enough to burn off contaminates that form in the oil when it is very cold outside. 

If you're interested in learning more about cruising motorcycles, like a Harley Davidson, contact your automotive dealership today.