Repairing Car DamageRepairing Car Damage

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Repairing Car Damage

After I got back from my study abroad program, I could tell that my younger sister hadn't heeded my request to "drive safely." Instead, it looked like she had done some severe off-roading in my car, which was really frustrating. My car was all banged up, and I knew that I needed a little help to get things back into working order. I started researching different automotive businesses in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt comfortable working with. They took my car, talked with me about how I wanted it to look, and got to work. This blog is all about repairing car damage.

Be Careful With How You Wash Your Car

Washing your car may seem like the easiest thing in the world and if your car is an everyday car that has already been through its fair share of rough times then it may be easy. However, if you have a car that you take a lot of pride in and that has a paint job that you are careful with then there is much more to washing your car than you may realize. Read More 

5 Upgrades To Consider For Your Utility Trailer

Most utility trailers only come with the bare necessities, leaving it up to you to add various features that make them more usable. This gives you an opportunity to customize your utility trailer just the way you want it. To take advantage of this silver lining, here are 5 great modifications you can do to add more functionality to your utility trailer. LED Lighting LED lighting has made great strides throughout the automotive industry, thanks largely to its lighting quality and low power consumption. Read More 

4 Reasons You Need A VIN History Report Before You Buy A Used Car

Many car dealers are showing prospective buyers a VIN history report before they make a purchase. If your dealership does not offer this service or you are buying from an independent seller, you should consider securing one for yourself to avoid problems. Flooded Cars When major weather events happen across the nation, it is not uncommon for damaged cars to end up on a car lot in another state. The most common weather-related problem is flash floods. Read More 

3 Big Benefits To Buying A Semi Truck For Your Small Business

Does using a trucking service make the most sense for your small business? Companies that manufacture products or make sales deliveries will often use a professional trucking company to meet their needs. Many small business owners never consider purchasing a truck because of the expense. However, there are some good reasons to purchase a truck for your business, and this article discusses three of them.  Build Your Brand When your company owns its own vehicles, it immediately seems more successful and professional to the public and to your clients. Read More