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Repairing Car Damage

After I got back from my study abroad program, I could tell that my younger sister hadn't heeded my request to "drive safely." Instead, it looked like she had done some severe off-roading in my car, which was really frustrating. My car was all banged up, and I knew that I needed a little help to get things back into working order. I started researching different automotive businesses in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt comfortable working with. They took my car, talked with me about how I wanted it to look, and got to work. This blog is all about repairing car damage.

What Do Those Brake Noises Mean?

Many people don't take the brakes on their vehicles with the seriousness they deserve. In fact, everyone believes that the brakes will always be there whenever they need them. Because of this, people only start taking their brakes seriously when they stop functioning normally. A problem like brake noise is very serious, and you should never ignore it. But, you should consider taking your car to be inspected by a professional in brake services. Read More 

Pick Up Some Extra Cash By Transforming Your Pickup Truck Into A Moneymaking Vehicle

A pickup truck can be a fun car to drive, but it can also be one that can generate you some extra cash, in the form of side job income. If you are someone who is not averse to doing manual labor, then having a pickup truck can be a real asset. All you have to do is get some aftermarket add-ons, and you can take your regular truck, and turn it into one that is a real moneymaking vehicle. Read More 

Have A Vehicle That You No Longer Drive? Why You Should Keep The Registration Current

If you have an older vehicle on your property that you no longer operate, you might not see the importance of keeping up with the registration.  You may reason that it's an unnecessary expense and that you might be able to save a few dollars by just letting the registration expire.  However, even if you don't drive the car anymore, it's still a good idea for you to keep the registration up-to-date. Read More 

Be Careful With How You Wash Your Car

Washing your car may seem like the easiest thing in the world and if your car is an everyday car that has already been through its fair share of rough times then it may be easy. However, if you have a car that you take a lot of pride in and that has a paint job that you are careful with then there is much more to washing your car than you may realize. Read More 

5 Upgrades To Consider For Your Utility Trailer

Most utility trailers only come with the bare necessities, leaving it up to you to add various features that make them more usable. This gives you an opportunity to customize your utility trailer just the way you want it. To take advantage of this silver lining, here are 5 great modifications you can do to add more functionality to your utility trailer. LED Lighting LED lighting has made great strides throughout the automotive industry, thanks largely to its lighting quality and low power consumption. Read More