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5 Upgrades To Consider For Your Utility Trailer

Most utility trailers only come with the bare necessities, leaving it up to you to add various features that make them more usable. This gives you an opportunity to customize your utility trailer just the way you want it. To take advantage of this silver lining, here are 5 great modifications you can do to add more functionality to your utility trailer.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has made great strides throughout the automotive industry, thanks largely to its lighting quality and low power consumption. LED taillights are also surprisingly durable -- unlike the filaments and sockets of old incandescent lights, the sealed light emitting diodes found on LED trailer lights are more resistant to shock and corrosion.

Note that while you can use crimp connectors to connect spliced wires on your LED trailer light installation, doing so may not offer a good corrosion-proof seal against moisture. Instead, take the time to solder the connections together and then seal those connections with heat-shrink tubing. Use liquid electrical tape to seal the ends of the tubing against moisture.

Quick Coupler

If you have a heavy or fully loaded utility trailer, then you know how difficult it can be to line up your vehicle's ball hitch with an unseen coupler. A quick coupler makes this easier by employing a combination of alignment rods and automatic capture jaws. The collapsible rods make it easier to see precisely where the trailer needs to go as you back up, while the jaws automatically grab and clamp around the ball once it enters the capture zone.

Spare Tire Carrier

Tire failures are among the most common causes of trailer breakdowns. Most tire failures can be prevented with good maintenance, but even the best maintenance might not prevent pinhole punctures and sudden blowouts from happening. Having a spare tire on hand could save you a potentially expensive and time-consuming roadside assistance call.

Adding a spare tire carrier to your utility trailer can give you additional peace of mind during a roadside emergency. The beauty of a spare tire carrier is that it keeps the tire in an easily accessible place and out of the way of your cargo. You can add a carrier almost anywhere on your trailer -- some prefer to mount theirs on the trailer rails, while others add theirs at the front of the trailer, on the trailer tongue or even on the inside of an enclosed utility trailer.

Extra Storage Space

On many utility trailers, it can be tough to find a safe space to store ratchet straps, bungie cords and various other necessities. Fortunately, you can easily take care of this problem with the addition of a few storage bins to your trailer.

There are several ways you can add storage space to your utility trailer. For instance, you could purchase a pre-made plastic storage bin and secure it to the trailer tongue. You can also use large-diameter PVC pipe to create an exterior storage bin along the side of your trailer. Long PVC pipes laid horizontally and vertically along the trailer also make excellent holders for rakes, shovels and other lawn and garden tools. If you have an enclosed trailer, you can also explore numerous shelving and underfloor storage options.

Tie-Down Points

Tie-down points allow you to keep ATVs, riding lawnmowers and other small equipment in place during your journey. Some utility trailers come with a limited number of tie-down points, while others might not have any provisions for securing your cargo. A tie-down system offers multiple and sometimes adjustable tie-down points, giving you more flexibility when it comes to keeping your cargo safe from unwanted movement.

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